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School Data Services

Remote Data Manager Services

We offer 3 levels of service and discuss this with the school at the beginning to ensure they are getting the service they require. Most schools opt for the standard level package to support them with data and MIS use in their school.

We offer a valuable remote data manager service to schools who are looking to engage with a business who have a rich understanding of the education sector with over 20 years experience in schools, school support and with strong relationships with MIS providers.

Mark Hodges


Why use a remote data service?


The data in school is not reliant on one person .


Access to a service team with accredited support members.

Cost effective

Schools can make salary savings and don't have the additional HR overheads for the role.


The data tasks needed in school will be done.


Edtech experts with extensive experience in schools and support services.

After working in education and education  support services for many years, Mark and his team recognised that schools were looking for data support services that allowed them to be more efficient and cost effective. To help these schools the team expanded out from timetable and data visualisation services, to a fully fledged data manager service for schools.

Please get in touch to find out more and get a price for each of the service packages.

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Whether you’re curious about our service, or want to have a general discussion about our services, we’re here to answer any questions.