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Schools have a choice between 3 levels of service. Basic will allow schools to have assessment covered. Standard includes some more MIS management. Advanced would cover the whole data manager service.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a difficult question to answer here. This will very much depend on the budget you have for the service and how much you want us to take on for you. Most schools would opt for the Standard service.

This will depend on the size of the school and the scope of the work that is required over the year. Please get in contact to discuss a bespoke price for your school situation.

This will depend on the service you sign up to, but the advanced service is designed so that all your data manager tasks would be completed by us, therefore you would not need an on-site person. This can save schools money as there are salary savings which, when on-costs are factored in as well, can be in the thousands.

Yes that is no problems. If a school sees the value in the service and wants to upgrade this can be facilitated. Another reason for this can be if a data manager leaves and the school need to cover this role, then upgrading is an option to consider.

Please contact us via our email to get the ball rolling.

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Send us a message to discuss your needs. I always reply within 24 hours.